Sunday, 13 November 2011



' You are supposed to be have somebody serious in your life!! i don't even hear you talk about any male, when its not as if you are a lesbian' ha! mummy e biakwa was what i said in my mind, well at least she doesn't think i am a lesbian.
This issue of settling down is really becoming a bone in my throat, is it a bad thing to finish school on time? i thought this disturbances only surface when age has started showing on your face. The other day my mom and i went shopping and then my she saw these cute little male baby shoes (baby timberland's), and then she exclaimed with joy, oh! these are beautiful, and I'm like o common mom! you cant be carrying pregnancy about now!!, and then all i saw was my mother eyeing me and saying she could have bought it for her Grand son if only she had one, and that she couldn't wait any longer. it just clicked that she was referring to me, nhian!! we never talk marriage issue finish , na pikin we wan begin battle? Thank God I'm not the only female child, as shante's mother would say, it may be the first or the last, i don't have to be the first to marry. Boyfriend's are scarce commodity these days talk more of husband, its easy to find somebody who wants to have you as a regular straffing mate, but its not easy to find somebody who wants to be with only you, talk more of live with you forever. These days all the guys have the same story line, its either they have had their hearts broken so they are scared of girls or they just got out of a long term relationship of which,if you shook your head inside na you go carry last, cos there's a high possibility that he and his EX would get back together or he would dump you, you know why darling???? you are the REBOUND GIRL!!
The ratio of guys to girls is not balanced at all that's why they can misbehave and talk nonsense(im not a male chauvinist) #justsaying.
When i was in camp i had a camp bobo, and the funny thing is that the guy dey craze for me scarra scarra!! even though i pretended not to see the love, people around me could feel it and they expected us to be 5 and 6 after camp,but of course not, i dissociated my self from him!! you wanna know why? he had a girlfriend, and he told me he would dump her for me if i dated him,can u imagine that? what do we call that RISK BARGAIN? So he would only dump her if i said yes!!kmt!!i nor kuku love am back so let him buru gawa(carry go).

lets analyze some issues; 

*Majida's case was different! do you know she dated Bode for two years, of course she knew the EX was still shooking her head but the issue was dealt with by him, even i was convinced as well because Bode engaged Majida 6months ago and the story of the Ex never surfaced again. But he fooled us all ,because last week Saturday he married his estranged Ex, no quarrel,no issues, no why?

*Ope nko? she had been dating this dude o! in fact if you had seen them you would have known my friend was in love, but there was something i saw, nobody else did, he really liked her but he just wasn't down, you can tell that through body and eye contact of the couple involved. okay 3months after, THANK YOU JESUS it was just 3months, Dominic said he needed space to find himself, that the love had choked him and that his EX has been disturbing him and his family members. MAD MAN!!!

*Linda met this nice dude and even though she made the first move,well she's crazy like that, she did not intend to keep him ,she only wanted to borrow him for one night (permit my language). Mr man will not rest so he stalks her,gets her digits and her home address. As I'm writing this now he still gives her unwanted calls and visits her at her house. He is not such a bad looking guy o, in fact he will make Ramsey Noah loose self confidence, but the reason why we nor go gree for this hottie is because he sings the same song all his male counterparts sing 'i have a girlfriend Linda,but i really like you, lets work something out now, she's not an issue!!' she's not an issue and you cant break up with her. ODE!!!!

*Titi has been dating this guy since university, after graduation she went for masters just because she wanted to be close to her beau,(he left for masters too). He now works in the UK and is very accomplished and she is still with him and playing the part of wifey. Her eye go soon clear when he would wake up one morning and say he is gay or he has found a sisi in his village because she is too old. What is stopping him from making a commitment? i don't know! Ibo's will refer to this relationship inhie a wehin ishi na odu, (e nor get head nor tail) btw they have been dating for 10 years.

Anyways its not by being in a relationship or being single that paves the way to a better ending, nothing in this life is ever sure, there is no hard and fast rule to a happy ending. That's why i pray every day that my #dearfuturehusband should just come fast fast because i don't want to go through all this trial and error process before we tie the knot. As for dating, well lets date for the right reasons, and not for very selfish reasons, if not this so called love will just make you commit suicide one day. To whom it may concern please Minxie,Coco,Marks and I do not want to be cajoled into any by force marriage or relationship, things will happen naturally. I speak on behalf of every young girl there that's being pestered, the boyfriend/husband market is not moving at all. We need prayers.

Dear Single/Eligible Bachelors please feel free to walk up to us SINGLE ladies, we don't bite!!! (I DOUBT IF THERE ARE ANY SINGLE GUYS LEFT SHA)#JUSTSAYING

 Dear Single/Eligible Bachelorettes  please feel free to when HE finally shows face!!!!!!!!! (DON'T FORGET TO FAST AND KABASH)