Saturday, 24 December 2011


Dear Santa,
                 how are you baby, its been ages since i saw you, gosh I'm equivalent to a wife or girlfriend of a soldier at war, just because our relationship is like that of the cactus plant and a balloon. You cant live outside the North pole and i cant live with you because ill freeze to death. i wonder whats taking your scientist friends so long to discover the antidote for cold, will i get old and grey before i can spend the rest of my life with you? (that's a rhetoric question baby). How's Rudolph? loll iv been seeing funny animation about him this season, there"s one where he almost killed a hunter cos he saw a red nosed reindeer on the wall, hilarious!!! They don't know Rudolph's nose is a gift, and he alone has it.
I really miss you baby, iv been ogling at your pics since the beginning of this year. Cant wait to eat cookies and milk with you,plus jump hug you, when you come in through the backyard door.
Baby this year i have a list shaaaaar as usual, and you cant say NO to me because i have been a very good girl.
                                      MY LIST
  • I want an iphone 5, btw the rumour is that the phone is transparent,just like the one T-pain used in the 5 o clock video, some people say its the iphone4s, wish wan consine me,so far you can give it to me :D.
  • I want an ipad 2, just because i have been faithful to you darling
  • I want a car, a black MDX ACURA SUV
  • I want more readers
  • I want one of those jeans from Rihanna's collabo with Emporio Armani
  • I want one of those Emilio Pucci's clutch bags, i cant decide if i want the pink or orange
  • I want to hangout with my look alike Mocheddah(dem say we get big nose,but we smelling money)
  • I want one of these zara bags above
  • i want  to be very buoyant and happy
  • And lastly all i want for CHRISTMAS IS YOU....BABY!!