Sunday, 21 August 2011


I was going through sisiyemmies blog and apparently i saw somethings that caught my see im a great fan of the third leg ;-) not cos of d bedroom part o!!(coughing) but cos of its acrobatic can stand,wine,jump,poke,and shake, and recently i found out that its also into comedy, cos when u watch it perform,u start smiling,laughing like a hyena, or even doing something ur mama wont like (especially when ur alone).....
i wanna thank Donjazzy my husband in the world of FANTASY for making it possible for me to see this......
i was glued to this.....u should see the next one ;-)

like seriously i dint know naija dudes were so talented.....
There are some other funny ones but these two are the best so far......the guys may like the female presentations, buh these two ice the cake for me....i also like the original by the Mohit's crew,u can see it below

I really think Dr sid and Wande coal killed it joor....see Sid's waist...choi

if you wanna see more videos go to youtube and type olivertwist dance,or better still u can follow @DONJAZZY on twitter,the videos keep coming. Watch out for mine , u never know i may win the $$$$ cash...see y'all later joor.


Saturday, 20 August 2011


This babe has been annoying me for a very long time seriously,she has been very territorial about this ish and im not comfortable at all ....ahn ahn is it ha fadas own..... see it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are public property is public property. Even if her father is Fashola, today na today i must rish dia before her and use it first.....i don't care if she's known to use it, Public Property is Public property...these were the thoughts ringing in my head as i set out of my house 30mins earlier than i always do....

That morning, i had my bath really early and luckily i had picked out my clothes the night before like i was ready for some kind of battle.i wont accept nonsense now,this is democracy,everything is supposed to be free and fair. I quickly dressed up,(no need to eat,who eats around 5.30 a.m) and  raced in my beautiful heels to d front of my estate,hailed a cab and without pricing, i jumped into it because today i wanted to clear her doubts,mi o raye shit men!! i yelled at  the cab guy "baba speed o" and he reluctantly did grumbling something in yoruba..kmt yimu

As we reached the area i looked out to see if she was around buh she wasn't,i was so gingered that i didn't even collect my 200 naira change from baba.
i waited and waited and waited and waited ..of course until my staff bus came and i dint see any sign of this bitch!!! i even asked the mama beside me that sells shekpe ,ehn shekpe nw..and she sed she hadn't seen her ..i was so disappointed ,anyways tomorrow was another day.


Today i wasn't gonna give up,i set out early buh nt as early as yesterday sha, as i gt down from the cab i saw madam territorial cat walking towards the area (lets call her TERRY),eh! this was my chance,ill save my killer swings for the guys at the office cos i had to get there before her......and i did yelx..yelx..
she saw me sitting there o!and she still kept on loitering around me, omo i clicked ignore,bullshit mehn!!! but with the way she was looking at me eh! If it were a Matrix movie i for don burst through falomo bridge buh i nor mind...nothing was gonna move me from this spot,Only God...
and then suddenly to my greatest surprise I saw it headed towards me with great speed,nope it wasn't a car and it wasn't terry,it wasn't even a mad was that which wud make an elephant take to its heels...and it made me take to mine..I fled like all  dose people in d 2012 movie and all  I heard after my nervous break down was mmsscchewww butty na dis small rat wen dey make u fear!mmsscchew I tink say u b bozz ...hahahahaha,wif that she took over the stone seat of 'the spot' in front of the Mtn light under falomo bridge near that police mikano container.... My jaw dropped,just like that ???!!! She dint even have to work hard for that chair...and before I kud blink she brot out her wares, and iη no time all  I heard was ahn ahn I don dey fine u,gimme 200 dia! As God will have it,my staff bus arrived just in time,if not I wudda bin mocked till I cried,just imagine being mocked by shekpe sellers,okada men,cab drivers, and oda pipl chilling for dia staff buses....not a good sight my dia

I'm such an agbaya i know,but i had to prove a point now!! if not because of that styupid RAT eh, u sef u know that she wudda begged me now. sha sha i hope i have enough ginger for today o! because dat hair sale nor go easy o! every body is gonna be there and i heard that the first 40 people are gonna get a gift bag,well this particular awoof nor go run belle. See you at the GET Arena TODAY as we fight our way to buy CHEAP ORIGINAL HUMAN HAIR!!