Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I don't know what the problem is, but its best to speak out than to die in silence, size has now become a thing of controversy.
At a point in my life i came close to being a size 6,i'm saying this because i was a little bit thinner than a small size 8 girl, and i noticed that during this period i wasn't getting the kind of attention i got when i was a size 8 and a small 10.

Minxie,Coco and Marks wear 'size 12' ,and i noticed that whenever we went out they got more of the attention than i did cos i didn't have flesh, at least that's what i think cos i overheard somebody say "gawsh is that girl not too young to be hanging out this late,plus why is she so skinny'?.
One time coco and i went out with some of our friends for my birthday @ 4points by Sheraton and then when her new catch came in with his friends ,she jokingly introduced me as her little cousin who was just turning 19,(fuck it), i didn't deny it cause it was fun at first to have them look at me like a smally, but it started to get annoying when they started to say i shouldn't touch alcohol because i had 2 more years to be a legal alcohol drinker(is it ya money?), and that i should call Coco aunty cos she was older, and also i shouldn't wait for 21 before i loose my virginity o!, if not ill be a nympho. This wasn't funny any more because all they said only meant one thing "i looked like a JUVI".

Another incident that has really pained me is when one dude ill refer to as Moo, (cos he's a mumu) (SAY THE MUMU LIKE U HAVE AN OYIBO INTONATION) actually referred to me as flat in front and flat at the back(may your teeth continue to be brown). Thank God he did not say it to my face, i would have punched him below the belt,i'm violent like that!kpsschew. How can he say that?????. Back in high school i was a nominee for bootylicious, in fact i won it. Everywhere i go people stop and stare at this asset God gave me, was he blind? or had my big BOOTY gone with the weight i had shedded?

The last straw that broke the camels back was when i went shopping with my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD baby sister, and then while we were trying out shoes in the shoe shop, i began to doubt if the leopard print flat shoe i took was worth the price and amidst all the praises and criticisms i was getting from the shop owner and my baby sister, the one wey vex me na wen she tell me sey "The shoe is fantastic, ask your friend" Ask my friend? isn't it obvious that i'm very much older than this little girl,ask my friend?
The reason why i became i size 6 aspirant is because i believed skinny was the real deal, skinny is the real deal and Arnold Schwarzenegger was sleeping with his over sized house help. Skinny is the real deal that's why all the hot gowns have to be slim fitted to fit me. Yes i know a typical Naija dude wants a babe that's not fat, but they are not saying you should emulate Isabelle Caro, cos if u do 'early grave darling'. This is Isabelle's picture below.

ISABELLE CARO was a French model and actress from Marseille, France, who became well known after appearing in a controversial ad campaign "No Anorexia" which showed Caro with vertebrae and facial bones showing under her skin in a picture by photographer Oliviero Toscan. She didn't mean to die but she meant not to get fat. R.I.P ISABELLE CARO.  My Arsenal is back plus my Manchester dey very alright with the help of Lasenza, and believe me when i went to see MOO at his crib,(yes i went that far) he almost dropped dead, and you trust i did shakara now, he even commented and said "did u put on weight"? and im like yes, then he's like you look awesome, i noticed his eyes were fixed on my BEHIND, then i said to him "well sorry boo its for my future husband" ,and he laughed his embarrassment away,(skinny mu-che-che). Now iv gotten my pound of flesh back plus i didn't forget to let him know he was too skinny and i could never ever be with a guy that wasn't Buff.

These days when i go out with my sisters i hold their hands like i'm the boss, the little fat i have now is doing alot for me, well my third sister is still very much more endowed ,but Thank God i don't look like her skinny younger sister any more.
when i walk around the office during my break, i take my time, by the way  iv made late coming a hobby of mine, so that when i walk that walk, they talk that talk.
I'm not scared of hanging out with Coco, Minxie and Marks cos iv got my groove back. so anyone who really liked me being a size 6, well thank you very much, why don't u hit the gym or go for liposuction,the size is free for all.
To all my chykers and admirers that stood by me during my skinny phase i will compensate you by going on a lot more dates with you *wink*, and those of you who are coming near me now because i look like an African lady, i don't blame you, its my future husband i blame. He's busy deceiving another girl while you people are here trying to take his prize.
i have chosen not to be skinny for my own happiness, y'all are insatiable. it doesn't pay to be skinny o! neither does it pay to be too fat. If you have seen NaetoC's 5 and 6 video, you will agree with me that skinny does not sell. #DEARFUTUREHUSBAND hurry up and come, so that all my worries will be over.

                           FOR YOUR JUDGEMENT