Monday, 30 January 2012


You see i talk too much, i just cant shut my freaking trap up!! wtf!!!my mouth has put me into trouble.Over sabi ,Bebeto, Oya,Puma ITK,ITS,Ele enu gbe oro, ELEDE KPOMO like me.
I walked into the first floor of the building to submit some files to my oga's and then decided to branch my friends cubicle, well he's my oga too but we are guys, as per homies. As i got to his table i cited something that looked like Dr Dre's Beat ear phones( not the head phones ),but they weren't, instead they were the ones done by our Ibo brothers.
Me: Hahahahaha *Chris how can u buy this 250 naira thing , your bigger than that now, chai u cant even spare 18k, im sure if u price well you'll get it for 13k'. Chris looked at me puzzled ,

Chris: what do u mean they are fake, cant u see the packaging?
Me: Haba Chris!! the original ones are heavier and the 'b' on the head is carved and not painted.
Chris:( now calling his friends from other cubicles) oya Ruddie repeat what u said
Me: Ah now Chris its true na its fake now, this thing is 250 naira, i have one as well, as a matter of fact it'll spoil b4 it clocks 1 month
Chris: Then i have to return it
Me : How much did u buy it?
Chris : 8k from Jerry
Me: Which Jerry
Chris: Jerry in charge of Base
Me: OMG shit men! i'm  finished, Chris please don't return it abeg, in fact i was wrong ,this your own is not the one for  250, its quite different, its not fake at all, don't mind me im was just teasing*SWEATING LIKE A CHRISTMAS GOAT*
Chris: Don't lie to me Ruddie joor! its fake, abi Shola what do you think
(Shola supervisor to Jerry laughing like a hyena,was also there)
Shola: Ruddie just forget about your evaluation for next month, cos u have spoilt Jerry's market
Me: (now begging them not to tell Jerry)
 So now they've used my opinion to reject Jerry's market, but really how can Jerry do that kind of a thing mmmsscchheewww.
Anyways my fingers are crossed and im hoping Shola doesn't spill if not im dead!!!.  To ease my tension i decided to watch lynxxx's ICE CREAM FACTORY VIDEO  feat ENZE and this is what i saw....
In case u haven't seen what i saw, well that girl has experienced what we call a nip slip, seriously wasn't this video edited, and by the way what was lynxxx thinking when he featured two girls lip syncing to one verse, right now i don't even know who ENZE is or who they are....Minxie was heart broken when she saw this video, after waiting so long, this was all and the feeling is mutual. He could have done better than those girls and also so much more with the video, it was bland. Personally i think the quality is commendable but the story line is confusing :s
Here's the real video:

Another video that still has me confused is 5 and 6 by NaetoC, i dont know if it is her real breast i can see here, but believe me this girl is so damn hot!!! i think i went to play when Assets were being shared...chai.

Also check out olumaintains new joint NAWTI by OLU MAINTAIN

Please put me in your prayers tonight, cos Jerry might just FUCK ME UP!!!


  1. I tink d nip slip was on purpose, its a constant, not jst once



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