Saturday, 7 January 2012


 Happy New year Dear Rudelets,i'm sorry iv been mute and incommunicado since the new Year but the reason is because i really got hit below the belt by all the things happening around us in Nigeria
  • Fuel subsidy removal
  • Boko Haram
The issue of the Fuel subsidy removal has been a thorn in every ones flesh, due to the manner in which it was carried out and also the after effects of the removal. i have read various blogs and all concerning this issue and i was flabbergasted and overwhelmed with joy by the response of Nigerians especially the youths.
Different PEACEFUL protests were carried out in various states by concerned citizens home and abroad, and while some people preferred to go out and protest some others who couldn't resorted to social networks,blogs etc to express their disgust with GEJ's move.some called us 'Armchair protesters',but i say a rat can be killed in so many ways.
The Protests have been successful to a large extent ,owing to the fact that we as Nigerians have created awareness through the PEACEFUL movement called #OCCUPYNIGERIA, and the government have felt the impact of an Angry,Tired,Frustrated, and Awakened Nigeria. i commend the Brains behind this movement.
On the other hand i also want to commend the thoughts and tweets of @Almuyo on twitter who thinks that we should not allow ourselves to be used as dummies by a group of people who are claiming to protect our interest, so he has come up with #OCCUPYNIGERIAWITHSENSE, meaning while we fight for our rights on the streets and on the Internet , we also should protect ourselves and be well prepared for the rumoured strike days,which will shut down every business venture in Nigeria.
He also thinks we should be more organised and strategic. We should also know exactly what we are fighting for, some people are unsure about the concept or the idea behind the protest. None removal of fuel subsidy or cheap fuel prices? We should also have plans for the long run. While we talked over the phone, we agreed that we all as Nigerians should stop being greedy because that's the root of all our problems, you don't expect a man who took a loan from the bank, or some group of individuals or a Godfather for his campaign to get to the office and not pay back his debts with public funds thereby making the masses pay for it. we do not want expensive campaigns and photo shopped posters,all we want is for Presidential candidates to buy their forms from Inec and come for a TV Political Debate with their opponents, we want an Intelligent and able Leader.
Well Rome was not built in a day, and while we lay our foundation, let"s do it well.
I also want you guys to check out this email exchange between Mal. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and a patriotic Nigerian AISHA MAHMOUD a 23year old doctor in Ireland, here's the link
The NLC have also declared a Nation wide strike to commence on Monday,9-01-2011 till further notice.Here are some steps we can take as individuals to ensure that we, our loved ones and colleagues remain safe and on alert during this time:
  • i encourage you to stock up on food, water and essential commodities
  • Always make certain about the safety or otherwise of an area before heading or sending loved ones in that direction;
  • Always inform your loved ones of your whereabouts or follow up with your loved ones on their whereabouts; and,
  • Confirm and share information with your peers at work on the security situation of a particular area using your phone, email or whichever social media tools you have available  
For other aproko on the issues @ hand ,visit the following links;

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