Wednesday, 19 September 2012


He got outta his car and walked down the stairs of the assembly ground and straight down towards the boys dorm and then up the stairs again towards the Cafeteria. He stood at the edge of the structure looking around like he was waiting for someone, then brought out his phone and made a call. We the boarder girls part owners of the cafeteria (with the boarder boys of course) had sighted him from a distance, yellow paw-paw guy, smallish(not my spec normally),fine car,lovely face cap, and as he got closer lovely pink lips we concluded. We couldn't wait to find out who he came to see, dayumm!! where did this hottie fall from, as he took off his face cap our eyes widened and one of us Bolodeon almost fainted...she had a thing for fine boys. The long awaited moment soon reached as the scraggy looking girl who was either the president or vice of the christian club in school ran towards him with joy and hugged him, and then from the distance we kept, we noticed they had alot to talk about as they strolled away towards the admin block. That can never be his girl friend i said,spitefully.
I would like to describe myself as daring, and so while everyone sulked and lamented @ their loss, i opted to find out who he was and what he came for :D. So with my bizzy body self i waltzed towards his direction when he was less occupied and started a convo with him, which resulted in him being my very close friend in the end. He was a born again christian and had a babe at the time he hoped to marry when he eventually became a doctor. He was in his finals at Medical school and  it didn't stop me from having a huge crush on him o! i wished he was my boyfriend and i envied his girlfriend, in fact i constantly played out a scene in my mind where i took her space. it wasn't only me o!!, we were many.........
Months passed and we became better friends and he told me that his babe had dumped him for his besty, cos apparently she couldn't cope in the strict relationship of no sex/no kissing/no smooching/no intimate hugs, yes she couldn't,so she switched lanes. I felt sorry and in my small mind and small age i thought i would be the replacement(by this time i had just graduated from high school), but no he broke my heart and shattered my hopes as he did not show interest in me like that shaaaaa sobs*i didn't ask him o! but you just know when your not in the plan. something led to the other and we lost touch again!!.
several months passed maybe years and i bumped into him @ Ceddi Plaza in Abuja, we caught up on old times,talked about our statuses (relationship wise) and he told me more about Jesus Christ. At this point i still considered him even though i was with someone and he was single, but i gentle o! i couldn't make a move nor dump ma boo for him... its jest not right lol. We lost touch again......
In my final year in uni i found this card he gave me that had his number on it, i rang it, surprisingly he picked, he told me he had started salsa classes,moved away from Lagos permanently,and that he was engaged....'finally i thought to my self, even though it wasn't me' at least somebody could stay with him even with his uptight rules. let me not lie it stung small but not lovely crush though.....Sobs*
The London Notting Hill carnival was one event i planned not to miss, what are you talking about, i have to be there o! a
All these Jamaicans have dominated London, lemme go and show my Naija swag, and my sesky self. I succeeded in convincing a couple of my friends who swore they wouldn't attend for fear of getting stabbed with a white lie, get over yourself Bimbo i screamed, Iceprince and Wizkid are gonna be there i lied. The next day Na she i see for my door mouth . We grabbed our Nikon's and our human convoy headed for the Nigerian corner. 
Amidst the crowd it was him i saw first, with his lovely camera, cant remember the make, but it had this turn turn screen, and it could zoom something all the way in America lolz. I went close,tapped him and he squealed,carried me and spun me around like we were in some kind of movie. where have you been Ruddie? he asked... you've grown up so much!!. He took pictures of me, we went for a quick snack,(*stupid jerk chicken that wasn't grilled properly) but the moment was sweet. i noticed he wasn't wearing his wedding band so i asked about his marriage, guess what?????? he isn't married, at this point you probably think i'm so happy , i should probably tell him how i feel, nah!!! alot of water has passed under the bridge, i don't see him that way anymore. I asked him why he hadn't married his fiance and he said she cheated, he forgave her but couldn't spend the rest of his life with her, knowing she may do it again. I'm looking at him saying 'maybe you should adjust your values and he says to me' what will i tell God?'.
Now its kinda my turn to be on top hehehehehhe cos cos he's crazy bou me and i don't like him like that, the crush has died.....hehehehehe. But my question still remains how much can someone compromise to find favour in the eyes of God and in the eyes of Man? 


  1. Maybe you guys are destined to be together, there's no co-incidence in Life


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