Saturday, 22 September 2012


She doesn't really like short guys but I don't know why she makes exceptions for some. Often times I look @ her and I'm like dude??!! Why are u settling for less, and she's like 'not every one is a Lamar'. She's been single for a very long time, nor be say my status better pass her own , but I just thought I should hook her up with 1 of my friends.
It was A.y's party that day, I got and invite and so I dragged her along. We are always together anyways, she's my bestfriend and I love her cos she's not perfect but just right.
I'd love to describe Bella as spontaneous, that's the only word that comes to my mind.Physically she's portable and drop dead sexy! She's got a really cute Kim butt,thin waist,nice smile, deep dimples,white eyes,lovely even fair complexion,(we bought the bleaching cream together, but fear nor gree me use am) and a very loud laughter. She's Beautiful.
I had planned for Emeka to hook up with her @ the party,but I don't know why she wasn't feeling him? Trust me, he's that guy u wanna MARRY, He's off limits for me cos we have seen each other finish...we grew up together,he even bathed me as a toddler,and I'm sort of the sister he never had.(Ill retract this statement if I'm drunk and we have sex). Any ways she wasn't feeling him and soon got tired of the party, so we kinda had to jump clubs. Our next stop was Piccolomondo, I decided to go there cos Fawaz, the manager had just sent me a message saying the place was digging,Lynxxx was there and I think Tiwa Savage as well... I drove us there,dayumm it was packed!! News travels fast in Lagos shaaar!! Fawaz ,managed to order 2 Sex on the beach cocktails for Bella and i, while I sipped mine slowly, she gulped hers and that was it. Did I forget to mention she's a light head? Now you know! She soon started trying to kiss me, and dancing on the table as well,at that point I knew we had to go home, so i grabbed her and while we headed out, we bumped into our friend Kate, after the hugs and kisses we left, or rather I did, cos Bella wasn't following me, she had found somebody she was attracted to, the guy Kate was talking to,he wasn't tall,he was a bit light skinned, buff,cute,nice ass (too much ass for a guy if u ask me)and had a nice car and awesome job from what I gathered.He had 1 Middle belt name, I had a hard time remembering talk more of pronouncing (wasnt digging that shit). She strutted her stuff in front of him and soon engaged him in a convo, and that was it!!,they clicked. She refused to ride in my car, she was gonna ride in his...this time we were headed towards Movida. Iv never been so confused, buh I wasn't fussed cos I really wanted her to have fun.
Kate was mad @ me for not controlling ma bestie,in her words I had sabotaged her hopes for the night, it was even worse when she saw them making out on the dance floor. That night Kate stormed out of the club, grabbed a cab and disappeared. Was I supposed to control Bella,and even if I could, Kate should get over it jarey, they weren't dating, and she had denied ties with him constantly. Even in her sleep she would deny liking him. Bella on the other hand was missing, I couldn't find her or her new crush...I searched everywhere except the car park.Finally I got a bbm saying,'Car park with Ethan'. Ethan kwa!!! Omg is she gonna sleep with all the guys tonight? Who's Ethan? Like really who the Fuck is Ethan?.....

                                         TO BE CONTINUED...

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  1. Hahahahaha bella ws letting ha hair down gurl!!!!...dt cud b very annoyn tho,hw many drink she drink so?abeg abeg abeg


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